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Creating a great listing page is a big part of the cake, but there is still one slice missing. Sponsored Ads play a huge role in getting to potential buyers and in reaching the top search results. Sponsored Ads is the pay-per-click advertising service offered by Amazon and is the best way to target keywords associated with your product.

In its infancy, there is no way a listing page can get to the top search result pages generically and this makes the product very difficult for buyers to see and consider. The Sponsored Ads will get your product up there and give it a kick start.

As more customers see and like your product, sales will grow and buyers will start to write good reviews – given that you have an effective listing page, good product, and target relevant keywords. When all this starts to happen, you product will appear generically higher and higher in the search results.

After the product research, we will have chosen the most relevant keywords that we want to target with the Sponsored Ads. But the process doesn’t stop there.

What follows is meticulous analysis of how these keywords fare in reality. To do this, we look at how often your product appears as an option, how many times customers click on it, how many sales you make, and what it costs you. This will guide us to optimize the Sponsored Ads in order to increase sales and reduce cost. There is work to be done and we love to do it!

It sounds simple and straightforward, but there is work behind it.

We dive
deep into

  • Creating a list of related keywords that will be targeted through the Sponsored Ads.

  • Creating effective ad campaigns with optimized bids and costs.

  • Making analysis of the sponsored Ads reports and determining the best way forward.

  • Optimizing the ad campaigns in order to reduce the gap between Sponsored Ads sales and costs.

  • Providing an overview of the results and effectiveness of the Sponsored Ads after a previously set time period.

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