Product photography, retouch and photo enhancement

A listing can’t be launched without at least a main product image.

If you order your private label products from manufacturers in China or elsewhere, your first option is going to be the photos provided by your manufacturers, but before you do that, look around the product category and try to see how many other brands are selling the same product with the same image.

Next thing you want to see is how many manufacturers are using better photos than yours.

Amazon does not forgive doing the bare minimum, and our experience tells us that if you want to have a successful listing, you need to go hard, or you may never end up reaching page 1 of your product category.

The way you present your product visually tells your potential customers how much you value it!

For you to convince people that you’ve put thought, effort and engineering into your product, as well as that you care about your customers being able to understand your product, you need to let them know you’ve spent time with this product, that you value it and believe in it enough to present it in its best light.

This is something we can help you with.

We specialize in Amazon-ready photography.

In our 5 year experience working with brands of which some have become multi-million-dollar businesses, we did many split-tests in order to understand what it is that makes a main product image clickable and what sort of photographs sell the most.

We keep track of all Amazon updates in terms of product photography requirements, so we know the photographic rules for each Amazon marketplace, in terms of size, content, presentation and quality.

We create full scale product photography, including photos from different angles of the full product, as well as detail-oriented photos and macro photography.

This enables the viewer to engage with the product, to feel like they have seen it from all sides and even close up in order to feel safer and more secure in knowing what they’re paying for.

Here’s what this service includes

  • Pixels of images delivered will be at least 1500 or more in length or width, but smaller than 10mb, as Amazon required.

  • All images will be edited in Amazon white background.

  • We rename your product with a unique product identifier such as ASIN, SKU, UPC or EAN followed by a valid and relevant file extension ensuring they are search engine friendly.

  • We will deliver your images in JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg), PNG (.png), GIF (.gif) or TIFF (.tiff) format.

  • All of the images will be edited in Adobe Lightroom to achieve the best and truest color editing.

  • All of the images will receive an Adobe Photoshop treatment, to remove all product imperfections and to achieve visually stunning, expensive

  • We will also send you unedited RAW version of the photos, making you the owner of the original photography files, which will give you full rights to the photos.

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