Product Launch

After you have decided on what you want to sell, you have ordered the product and now it is on its way. This is about the best time to start with the Product Launch process.

Product Launch is the initiation process of getting your product on Amazon. It is very important to understand the market that you are entering, and have a full grasp of what customers are looking for and what competitors are offering.

It is not only important to know what customers are looking for, but also what customers are looking at. What kind of information do they expect to find on a listing page and what is the best way to present this information so that it doesn’t fall through the cracks and be overlooked by potential buyers.

Also, it is important to understand how customers try to find a product they need, what keywords do they type in to get to a product like yours.

Doing a thorough research is essential for creating an appealing and informative listing page that will not only get buyers’ attention, but will also convince them to buy your product.

We know this and we have done it many times with success.

Part of our expertise is diving deep into this process because we recognize the importance of being immersed into any subject at hand.

We understand that getting all this information is fundamental for a successful launch of a new product.

What it is
that we do

  • Doing a detailed product research for every separate product type.

  • Conducting analysis for related keywords, concluding with a comprehensive list of best ones to use arranged by score.

  • Doing a comparative analysis between competitors to establish best ways of staying within market standards while setting the product apart from the competition.

  • Understanding the market and the common practices of Amazon buyers and seller.

  • Offering solution for best product representation.

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