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An Amazon listing page is the window showcasing your product and it is only natural to display it in the best light possible with as much information as you can offer. While the imagery is very important for capturing the customers’ attention and leaving firm, visual mark on them, words give substance to it all.

Many buyers will not go through all the details on the listing page, but most customers like to make informed decisions about what they are buying, especially when the shopping happens online.

Offering details about the product defines you as a serious seller who knows and believes in what they are selling. This, of course, goes a long way in breathing ever more confidence into customers deciding on your product.

Once you get them to click on it and come to the listing page, you have many more opportunities to convince them to buy the product. This is done through concise and informative bullet points and product description presenting the product’s features and applications.

What’s more, the titles, bullet points, and products description are a wonderful way to include more keywords that are crucial for reaching the top search result pages.

The title is the first step to showing customers that this is the product they are looking for.

The content of your products’ listing page is essential for presenting your product and establishing a sense of professionalism for your brand. It is better to offer more information than leave customers wanting for details that are probably important for them to know.

That said, we bear in mind that too much text can be overwhelming for the customers, and we understand the importance of a rich, concise and organized copywriting.

How we can help

  • Creating compact product titles, bullets and description.

  • Organizing product information in clear way guiding the customer through a natural flow of thought.

  • Spreading keywords throughout the whole listing by importance and search count.

  • Making a detailed research on what are the best keywords for every particular product.

  • Follow the content, questions and reviews on listings of similar products in order to be on top of what customers want and what competitors offer.

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