Enhanced brand content (EBC)

Enhanced brand content is currently only available to Brand Registered sellers on Amazon and is gaining an enormous amount of popularity.

We have seen the effect of Enhanced Brand Content first hand, with hundreds of listings and it truly sets serious sellers apart from the rest, as well as drives a lot more sales for the listing than the ones that don’t use it.

With this tool, you have an increased ability to showcase the unique value proposition of your products such as additional features, materials, variations, added information about the brand, and so on. You also have the option to differentiate your brand from that of your competitors by communicating your brand story.

Time and again, this has proven to be a highly effective strategy, even for brands that don’t really have a story, because guess what: people will feel good about themselves buying from companies that have a noble mission or similar values to their own.

What’s left is to find what your audience values (which we can help you with) and we can turn those values into relatable messages and content that sell. This is what all smart companies do and it works!

We know what we’re doing

We are exited to help you in these ways

  • We will find the most appropriate selection of information that works for and up-sells your particular product’s Enhanced Brand Content section.

  • We will create extremely professional looking on-brand graphics, infographics and photos that will highlight the best product features.

  • We will help you come up with a relatable brand story, or if you have one, we will communicate it in the best way possible through engaging visual content.

  • We will keep track of all Amazon EBC regulations in terms of layout and content and we will keep you informed about them.

  • We will enforce a layout cohesion across your different product listings’ EBC, to strengthen brand-awareness.

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