Branding and Identity

With large brand names slowly making their way to the Amazon marketplaces, it is becoming crucial to differentiate yourself from the rest and to leave a mark on your superior quality product that will drive satisfied customers to come back for more.

This may not be necessary from the get go, nor if you’re selling a selection of unrelated products for their individual opportunities on unsaturated markets, but in the case that you are moving forward in a clear direction with products that are related and promising, you most definitely need to establish dominance and cohesion on the market, the sooner – the better.

So, who are you? What defines you? What defines your products?
What differentiates your products from your competitors’ products?

What differentiates your brand from your competitors?

Here’s how we can help

  • We will help you figure out your strenghts and we will assist you in creating unique selling point for your products, that will set you aside from the competition.

  • We will create a visual identity for your brand that is striking and recognizing.

  • We will unify all of your product listings to include brand elements we decide on together.

  • We will help you create a brand book that includes rules and application for all the brand elements.

  • We will provide further guidance for all of your future brand related projects, including web design and social media management.

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